Children and Family Hearing Associates, Peoria, IL

Our winning combination of education, superb technical skills, extensive experience, high-quality products, honesty, sincerity, high standards of professionalism and dedication to our patients are just a few of the reasons to choose us as your hearing healthcare facility.

  • Small, caring, family-friendly facility where customer satisfaction is our number one goal.
  • We do not use any gimmicks or come-ons in advertising or advertise in any way that is misleading.
  • A place where hearing aids are AFFORDABLE for almost EVERYONE, with prices to meet almost all budgets.
  • A place where those with¬†difficult to fit hearing losses can be made into successful hearing aid users.
  • A long and outstanding reputation with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Appointments and service scheduled in a timely and convenient manner.
  • Winner of 2018 Best of the Best award by JournalStar Media and awarded Professional Advisor by Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.